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From Heart To Heart Inc.



What I make with my hands, I give with my heart...

From my heart to yours.

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A pair of brown teddy bears

The Ultimate Comfort Buddy

It is a known fact that kids and adults share a common affection toward teddy bears. Aside from the comforting presence they provide, many studies have shown that these plush toys also have a therapeutic effect to anyone who hugs them.

Get your own huggable teddy bear at From Heart To Heart Inc.!

About From Heart To Heart Inc.

Mrs. Jacquelyn Davis, president and founder of From Heart To Heart (FH2H) Inc. was inspired, to start the organization, while watching the local news one evening. Saddened by the news reports concerning the alarming number of children experiencing trauma in Virginia, Mrs. Davis was moved to do something to contribute. She came up with an idea to utilize her craftsmanship skills in a way that could provide comfort to children during difficult times of grief and trauma. Jacquelyn combined her motivation and passion to help these children in need with her love of crafting to develop “Teddy Bears of Comfort”. That evening marks the moment when FH2H Inc. was conceived in Jacquelyn’s heart!

FH2H Inc. was officially established as a 501 (c) non-profit organization in 2018. The concept of FH2H Inc. is to create personalized teddy bears for children in need, to serve as a form of comfort. The extra love comes from the additional time and attention to detail that Mrs. Davis invests in, each bear. She hand-sews a vest for each bear, along with a hand-sewn personalized quote, scripture, name or awareness ribbon (autism, domestic violence, child abuse prevention awareness, etc.) stitched on the vest! Although FH2H has a host of volunteers, each bear’s clothes are personally sewn by Mrs. Davis only, which fully embodies her philosophy of “What I make with my hands, I give with my heart,” to Virginia’s children in need.

FH2H has donated more than 1000 bears to child advocacy agencies and organizations such as: The Geneve Women’s Shelter, The Suffolk Police Department, The Suffolk Department of Social Services and Forever Homes, in its short tenure.

Meet Jacquelyn Davis,

Founder and President 

Jacquelyn Davis is the president and founder of From Heart to Heart (FH2H) Incorporated. FH2H was created to help comfort and ease the pain children experience when recovering from trauma, injury, or grief due to significant loss. FH2H works diligently to give victims light during a very dark time with her “Bears of Comfort." Each “bear of comfort” is dressed in a hand-sewed vest and a hand-stitched inspirational message on their backs, created with love personally by Jacquelyn.

Jacquelyn believes that offering love, comfort, support, and courage to victims experiencing trauma is just as important as any other service provided. FH2H was created out of a recognized need to provide an organized effort that focuses on providing love and support as a service. FH2H works to create in-tangible resources that give the victims a strong chance of regaining normalcy in their lives.

Jacquelyn has more than two decades of experience working in childcare, has given back to the military community as a military spouse, and above all, put her faith and God first in her life. Jacquelyn Davis lives in Suffolk, Virginia, with her husband, two adult children, and grandson.

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After a long and tiring day, you look forward to comforting presence that can help calm you down. However, that comforting presence doesn’t always have to be a person—sometimes, a simple stuffed teddy bear is enough to ease your mind.

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Our Mission

From Heart To Heart Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to putting smiles on children’s faces and easing the discomforts of loss/grief, injury and/or trauma through the donation of personalized
teddy bears.

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